About Us

We established our game development studio in 2013 with a strong focus on creating artful and conceptually-driven video games for PC and consoles.

Throughout the years, we have had the privilege of collaborating with esteemed publishers like Dear Villagers and Noodlecake Studios to release our own titles: The Firm, Towaga: Among Shadows, and Nocturnal.

Some of our key milestones are achieving a million sales with The Firm and partnering with Apple to develop Towaga: Among Shadows as a lineup title for their new service, Apple Arcade.

The recent release of Nocturnal represents our most ambitious project to date, made possible by the funding and support from the incredible team at Dear Villagers.

In addition to the creation of our internal titles, we have also designed games for large Swiss companies and banks such as La Mobilière and engaged in a long-term collaboration with Ozwe Games for the Anshar Wars VR series.

Currently, we are hard at work on an unannounced title for PC/consoles with a great partner to help us build this new experience.

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