Nocturnal 1.2 Planned Content

Hello there,
We are happy to get back to you with some great news. 

We are actively working on the 1.2 update which will add cool things.

  • An extended moveset, you will now be able to slash in any direction, slide, parry, air dodge, and more.
  • Extended levels with new lore parts
  • New music & SFX
  • New destructibles and types of platforms
  • New visual feedback (for instance, Fire extinguished by Water)
  • New talents to burn down everything!
  • Mist enemies rebalance to make the game more nervous

The update should be available on Steam, Gog & Epic next month, and later on Consoles.

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 The Sunnyside Team

Nocturnal 1.1 is out!

Hello there, 
Nocturnal’s 1.1 update is available now on all platforms!
Here is the full patch note:

  • New level select menu to replay specific sections of the game 
  • New enemy “The Shielded” 
  • New lore items (five more letters to be found) 
  • New level segments with new narrative bits 
  • Tips during loading screens 
  • 5 new phoenix statues 
  • Improved combat feedback (main character and bosses) 
  • New dialogs 
  • New reading animation for letters and scrolls 
  • Improved sound effects for the main character 
  • UI improvements
  • New dagger reflect tutorial
  • Difficulty tweaks (Boss fights have been reworked) 
  • Level design tweaks (Removed some doors that prevented backtracking) 

We hope you’ll enjoy this update! 
>Access the Steam News<

 The Sunnyside Team

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