Nocturnal 1.1 is out!

Hello there, 
Nocturnal’s 1.1 update is available now on all platforms!
Here is the full patch note:

  • New level select menu to replay specific sections of the game 
  • New enemy “The Shielded” 
  • New lore items (five more letters to be found) 
  • New level segments with new narrative bits 
  • Tips during loading screens 
  • 5 new phoenix statues 
  • Improved combat feedback (main character and bosses) 
  • New dialogs 
  • New reading animation for letters and scrolls 
  • Improved sound effects for the main character 
  • UI improvements
  • New dagger reflect tutorial
  • Difficulty tweaks (Boss fights have been reworked) 
  • Level design tweaks (Removed some doors that prevented backtracking) 

We hope you’ll enjoy this update! 
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 The Sunnyside Team

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